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SEND US PICTURES! If you are proud of your completed 2x4basics® project, please send us your images so that we can share them on our website.

Full Sized Picnic Bench with an umbrella, using (2) 2x4basics Flip Top BenchTable kits, Sand, plus 2x4's. Customer image

8' 2x4basics Flip Top BenchTable, Sand, using (1) Flip Top BenchTable kit, plus 2x4's. Customer Image

4 ft Picnic Table with Umbrella, using one 2x4basics Picnic Table Kit, sand, plus 2x4's for table and benches, Customer Image

Side table, bright red, using (1) 2x4basics Table/Bench Legs kit, Sand, plus 2x4's painted bright red. Customer Image

Bench with rounded edges, using (1) 2x4basics Table/Bench Legs kit, Sand, plus 2x4's. Customer Image

Bonsai Tree display using (1) 2x4basics Flip Top Bench kit (sand) with stained and finished 2x4s.

7' "original style" Flip Top BenchTables, Green, on a large deck in Oregon, using (2) Flip Top BenchTable kits, plus 2x4's. Customer Image.

Custom Painted Bench (1) flip top bench/table 90110MI bracket set.

Garage Workbench with Shelf links, using (1) 2x4basics WorkBench Kit with Shelf Links and customers lumber.

Living Room shelf unit, using (1) 2x4basics ShelfLinks 6-pack, plus customer 2X4’s. Customer Image

Cat Palace connected to house window for easy access. 2x4basics ShelfLinks, plus customer lumber. Customer Image
Showing 37 - 47 out of 47 Photos | Page <  1  2  3  4  >
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