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YOU DETERMINE THE SIZE AND CONFIGURATION… Just add 2x4’s® to 2x4basics® ShelfLinks® to make functional and custom shelving in any length, height and configuration.

IT’S EASY! Simple assembly with only a powered screwdriver and a saw. Only straight, 90 ° cuts are required –no miters or angles. All hardware is included.

FIT ANYWHERE – HOLD ANYTHING. Using a building block mentality, use as many ShelfLinks as you need to create shelving in dimensions not possible with other brands of shelving. ShelfLinks shelves can be modified or expanded as your storage requirements change. When used in conjunction with the 2x4basics® Workbench Legs™, ShelfLinks can effectively satisfy your storage requirements in the garage, basement, workshop, attic, pantry, shed, dorm room…wherever!

SHELFLINKS ARE STRONG! No more flimsy shelves. Made of heavy gauge structural resin and assembled with rugged 2x4’s, ShelfLinks can support spans up to 8 feet (2.4m) and up to 1000 pounds (400kg) per shelf.

We recommend that you lag your ShelfLink unit to the wall when tipping may be a concern.

DIMENSIONS: The finished shelf depth is 16 inches (40cm).

SEND US PICTURES! If you are proud of your completed 2x4basics® project,
please send us your images so that we can share them on our website.

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