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YOU DETERMINE THE SIZE… Using 2x4basics® Bench Brackets for Decks, make a short bench on one side of your deck or use as a railing with integrated seating around the entire perimeter.

IT’S EASY! Just add 2x4’s® and 2x6’s. Simple assembly using basic tools. You can integrate benches into a deck design with much less measuring, cutting, and fitting than making them from scratch. ACQ treated lumber resistant hardware is included.

SPACE SAVING. Increase your seating using only 7 inches (18cm) of deck space. Turn space that normally isn’t even used into functional outdoor furniture.

VERSATILE DESIGN. 2x4basics® Bench Brackets can be used for new installations or retrofitted onto existing decks. Installation on docks makes good use of space and provides seating that will not blow away.

DIMENSIONS: Bench Brackets should be spaced 20 to 24 inches (50cm-60cm) apart and 4 to 12 inches (10cm-30cm) from the end of a bench. The total height of the assembled unit is 36 inches (91cm) from the deck surface. The seat is 17” (43cm) high.


SEND US PICTURES! If you are proud of your completed 2x4basics® project, please send us your images so that we can share them on our website.

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