Frequently Asked Questions


Our website is full of 2×4 Basics® product information, including downloadable assembly instructions and product ideas. Should you have questions or concerns that are not covered on our website, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
Yes, we offer a 2 year limited warranty. You can view our warranty here.
In the unlikely event that you need replacement parts for a 2×4 Basics® product, please contact us. Please include details, such as the product, date purchased and color. We will be happy to replace or repair any defective parts per the guidelines of our warranty.
2×4 Basics® products are made from structural foam plastic resins and heavy-gauge metal. Learn more about our products on our About Us page.
Our products are designed for strength and durability. As long as the manufacturer’s assembly instructions are followed, our products should meet most household requirements.
2×4 Basics® products are versatile and can be made to fit most situations. Please refer to the assembly instructions page.
Yes, they are zinc-coated for good performance in outside environments.
Our hardware is specified to conform to most common uses, but you should consult your lumber dealer or manufacturer for requirements specific to your application and lumber type.
We do not recommend painting our products. Painting will void your warranty.
2×4 Basics® products are designed to be put together using the manufacturer’s assembly instructions and recommended lumber sizes. However, 2×6’s may be used, where practical. Contact us with specific questions.
We do not recommend using this type of lumber for our products, although some types of synthetic lumber may work for your application. Please be sure that your lumber choice is strong enough for the span and that you use appropriate fasteners. This may also void your warranty.
Yes, all 2×4 Basics® outdoor furniture has UV protectants to guard against color fading over time.


We do not recommend cutting our Work Bench™ Legs because it may lessen the strength of your work bench. Doing this will also void your warranty. We recommend using shims to appropriately level the structure.
Shelf Links® are designed for shelves 16 inches deep using (4) 2×4’s. If you want deeper shelves, two units can be placed back to back for a 32 inch shelf.
The center shelf is not necessary to complete your work bench, however, the center shelf will help provide added strength to the finished unit, along with additional storage capability.
We recommend a span of no more than 24 inches between brackets. For lumber types other than natural wood, please consult your lumber dealer or lumber manufacturer for spacing requirements specific to your application.
Our new assembly instructions that come with the Dekmate™ Bench Bracket explain this design. If your instructions do not detail this option, you may download the updated instructions here.
Our 2×4 Basics® Shed Kits, both Barn and Peak style roofs, provide detailed lumber purchasing guides, lumber cut lists and assembly instructions for three sizes of sheds:
7 ft. x 8 ft. 8 ft. x 14 ft. 10 ft. x 22 ft.
We do not provide lumber purchasing guides, lumber cut lists or assembly instructions for any shed sizes other than:
7 ft. x 8 ft. 8 ft. x 14 ft. 10 ft. x 22 ft.
No, (1) Shed Kit will provide enough brackets to build a Barn or Peak style roof 7 ft. x 8 ft. shed, (2) kits are required to build an 8 ft. x 14 ft. shed and (3) kits are required to build a 10 ft. x 22 ft. shed.

Peak Roof Pitch: 7/12     
Barn Roof Pitch: 8/12     

The door openings (widths) are as follows:

Shed Size:7 ft. x 8 ft.8 ft. x 14 ft.10 ft. x 22 ft.
Peak Roof36 3/4 in.46 3/4 in.68 in.
Barn Roof48 1/4 in.48 1/4 in.72 1/2 in.

The shed heights are as follows:

Shed Size:7 ft. x 8 ft.8 ft. x 14 ft.10 ft. x 22 ft.
Peak Roof8 ft.10 ft. 1/4 in.11 ft. 3/4 in.
Barn Roof8 ft.9 ft. 1/2 in.11 ft. 1/4 in.
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